Rheem HDi-310 A551310

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The Rheem HDi-310 Heavy Duty Heat Pump is designed for speedy recovery.

  • Suitable for 3 - 4 bedrooms
  • Suitable for 3 - 7 People
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Product Description

The Rheem HDi-310 Heavy Duty Heat Pump is designed for speedy recovery. The Rheem Heat Pump represents the latest technology in electric water heating. With its 310 litre storage capacity and increased recovery rate, it utilises advanced single-pass top-down heating technology. This revolutionary concept delivers hot water to the top of the tank, heating the tank from the top down, and providing usable hot water much faster than a conventional hot water cylinder. Its fast recovery rate minimises Heat Pump operation, extending product life and saving you energy. The Rheem Heat Pump is now packaged as two separate components. These are connected during installation to form a conventional cylindrical shape, on a single footprint. This change makes for simpler handling, delivery and installation. Best of all, installation can be completed by your local plumber. The economical Rheem Heat Pump uses solar energy from the sun as its primary fuel source. The solar energy gained from the sun means your Rheem Heat Pump uses approx. 1/3 the amount of energy of a conventional electric water heater (hot water cylinder). This means you can save up to 2/3’s on your hot water energy consumption equating to a reduction of 2/3’s in your water heating account.

  • Save up to 2/3 of your hot water heating bill
  • Suitable for 3-6 people
  • “Top Down” heating ensures hot water is readily available
  • Up to 300% efficient
  • Back up electric element ensures hot water on the coldest of winter nights
  • Reduces energy use and green house gas emisions
  • 7 year warranty.


Storage Capacity
Installation Pressure Energy Source
310 L Outdoor Only min 200kPa Electric

Product Specifications

Storage Capacity L 310
No. Of People (Moderate Climate) 3 – 7
No. Of People (Cold Climate) 3 – 5
Dimensions 1870 x 670 x 690mm (HxWxD)
Thermostat Setting °C 60
Water Connection Inlet & Outlet ” / mm RP ¾ / 20
T&PR Connection ” / mm RP ½ / 15
T&PR Setting kPa 1000
Max Water Supply Pressure w/out ECV kPa 800
Min Water Supply Pressure kPa 200
Max Input kW 3.6
Boost Capacity (L) L 220
Approx Wt Empty kg 135
Min Electrical Supply Amp 20 amp


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